Basketball shop

Top brands guaranteeing the highest quality and a wide diversity of the offer, is what makes our online shop one of the best places to search for your sports gear. Basketmania is, as the name implies, a basketball shop, which originated on the basis of real passion and true love for the game. As professional players and coaches we do know which sneakers really perform the best and which clothing and accessories will meet your high demands. Choose your footwear – Adidas, Nike or Jordan shoes – and join other ‘basketmaniacs’!


Basketball shoes

Quality appreciated by the greatest NBA stars and amazing design which aims at improving the level you play your game on. Select the sneakers which provide better protection, fantastic cushioning and traction, allowing you to keep perfect control even during the most intensive moments on the court. The basketball shoes are a perfect choice for every professional athlete, as well as amateur looking for the best quality sports footwear. Make your choice now and feel the difference the next time you play!


Jordan shoes

Legendary style and innovative technology combined into amazing footwear. Low weight, perfect stability, protection and control on the court gives you more freedom in performing even the most explosive slam dunks or unorthodox plays. Jordan shoes have introduced numerous improvements, which are developed and appreciated by professional athletes, which allow them to take their game to the next level. Employ all of these advantages and select the perfect basketball sneakers for your aesthetic taste and quality requirements.


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